EW Staff
May 10, 1996 AT 04:00 AM EDT

That rumbling you feel beneath your feet is the pulse of popular culture — the buzz, the biz, and the news that emanate from our cities and drive our national love affair with the world of entertainment.

— EW Metro, a new monthly editorial section debuting in this issue, was created to take you past the velvet ropes by spotlighting trends, homing in on real people, and focusing on what’s hot, hip, and happening in the country’s cultural capitals. Everything from a rock opera like Rent to a look at trendy restaurants.

— Each month, EW Metro will be bound into just 600,000 copies of Entertainment Weekly. Because of your geographic location and what we think may be your special interest in the information EW Metro provides, you have been selected to receive it.

— We’re pleased with this first edition of EW Metro, and we want to thank the Entertainment Weekly staffers, led by General Editor David Hajdu and Assistant Art Director Joe Kimberling, for their work in bringing this innovative new section to life. Your reaction, of course, is vital to its growth and success. We welcome your thoughts on EW Metro and hope you’ll take a moment to jot one or both of us a note. Please send your comments to EW Metro/ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY, 1675 Broadway, New York, NY 10019. Or E-mail them to us on the America Online service (keyword: EW). In the meantime, enjoy the May edition of EW Metro and look for it again in your copy of EW the second week of every month hereafter.

James W. Seymore Jr. Michael J. Klingensmith Managing Editor Publisher

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