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MTV's 'Singled Out'

MTV’s ‘Singled Out’ — Jenny McCarthy is a Vanna White for the MTV generation

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The pop-culture It Girl of the moment is Jenny McCarthy, the only sentient being besides Kurt Loder worth watching on MTV. But for different reasons. As cohost of the music channel’s crazy-sexy-crude dating-game show, Singled Out, the 23-year-old McCarthy displays an uncanny combination of slinky plus gawky that seems to require a new adjective — slawky? This ferocious party girl has attracted a rabid following on the Internet, which is crammed with postings like ”Jenny is GODDESS!” On Singled, McCarthy is a Vanna with a vengeance, pushing and yanking hormone-dazed contestants wherever they’re supposed to move on the set as host Chris Hardwick asks the questions. With 100 guys ‘n’ gals on stage at a time, says McCarthy, ”I learned really quick that I had to take control. I can’t be polite; I have to say, ‘Move over here, you little jackass.”’

Born in Chicago to a family with four kids, McCarthy dropped out of nursing school after two years (”No money”), posed for Playboy, landed the Singled gig, and is now talking to bigger networks about a sitcom. ”I want to play the same goofy nutball I am in real life,” she says, citing Seinfeld‘s Julia Louis-Dreyfus as an example of someone whose ”sexy, but with an edge” image she’d like to emulate.

Does McCarthy ever read her fan mail? ”I used to, but it’s kind of upsetting. It’s either gross stuff from boys or death wishes from jealous 13-year-old girls. Which I can understand; I did the same thing when I was 13. It’s more of a turn-on to have an 8-year-old come up to me and say, ‘Jenny, you’re funny on that show,’ than to have some 15-year-old Beavis say, ‘Hey, Jenny, I really dig your chest on page 64 of Playboy.”’

McCarthy’s next media appearance, in June, finds her branching out with a role in the Tom Arnold feature film The Stupids. Is she stupid in it? ”No!”