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We look at ”Making Movies,” ”Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women,” and ”The Information”

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A self-effacing tour through the processes by which an idea becomes a film, Sidney Lumet’s Making Movies is a how-to book, or, rather, a how-I-do-it book not a revenge-seeking, scorched-earth, as-told-to tell-all, as so many Hollywood tomes usually are. B+

With drugs, sex, evil Milanese playboys, and choice runway dirt on everyone from Christie Brinkley to Stephanie Seymour, Michael Gross’ astonishingly candid expose of record about the modeling business Model: The Ugly Business of Beautiful Women may not be fine literature, but it’s one of the next best things: raw dish. A-

Martin Amis’ infamous $800,000 novel about literary envy and midlife crises The Information is chockful of greed, betrayal, and scandal, but its occasionally brilliant moments are undermined by the author’s experimentation with annoying voice shifts, time warps, and other bothersome verbal stunt flying. B-