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Piano Lessons: Music, Love, & True Adventures

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Piano Lessons: Music, Love, & True Adventures

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Noah Adams
Music, Nonfiction

We gave it a C+

You probably think of him as the voice of reason on NPR’s All Things Considered. But did you know that what journalist Noah Adams really wants is to be left alone to learn and play the piano? After Piano Lessons: Music, Love, & True Adventures, you’ll wonder if he’s gone through a mind meld with John Tesh. From breathy nonsense (”There’s my lovely B flat and then the five notes with the right hand leading up to the F — and I play it with some confidence”) to the frightening inner Noah (”Perhaps I do have talent, and no one knows”), Piano Lessons reads as if it were penned by a senior Steinway and Sons publicist with nothing better to do. What actually happens in these 250 pages is mighty plain: The man buys a piano and, over the next year, teaches himself a three-minute Robert Schumann tune. It makes you wonder how many chapters he’s going to write when he picks out a new car.