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Mel Gibson's paycheck

Mel Gibson’s paycheck — If the ”Braveheart” actor decides to make a ”Lethal Weapon 4,” he’ll take home more money than any actor has ever made

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At the recent American Film Institute tribute to Clint Eastwood, Jim Carrey, a member of Hollywood’s exclusive $20-million-per-picture club, proclaimed himself ”the highest-paid, megalomaniacal boy king in the whole of Babylon.” But he may soon be dethroned. A regal $25 million is the staggering sum Warner Bros. is said to be offering Mel Gibson for a fourth Lethal Weapon movie. Although Gibson has long insisted that he would never do another sequel to the $347 million-grossing series, that astronomical payday, and, some say, the potential to star in another plum Warner project, the action comedy Conspiracy Theory, could sway his mind. ”We have no commitment to do Lethal Weapon 4,” insists Ed Limato, Gibson’s agent, but he adds, ”we’ll be happy to look at a script whenever they have one.”

If Gibson, currently filming the Ron Howard-directed thriller Ransom, opts to follow Jack Nicholson’s and Tom Hanks’ lead and take a percentage of the film’s merchandising or grosses, he could make even more than $25 million. Which means one thing is clear: ”Should Mel decide to make Lethal Weapon 4,” says a source close to the series, ”he’ll make more money than any other star has ever made.”