EW Staff
March 15, 1996 AT 05:00 AM EST

VA-VA-VA-VOOOM! What an article (#314, Feb. 16)! Every other magazine shows him as just another goody-goody, but you’ve brought out a side of Dean Cain the public wasn’t even aware existed. He’s a hard-ass and doesn’t care who knows it! By the way, I’d like to add that the two shows he’s written were out of this world.
Marvella Villasenor
Live Oak, Calif.

It was disappointing to discover that Dean Cain is just another foulmouthed pretentious jock-turned-glamour boy who curls his lip at the training of all his fellow actors and does the same for all his fellow writers (he thinks English majors ”overanalyze s—”). Had he been an English major, he might have moved his vocabulary up a notch from the locker-room scatology he learned at Princeton.
Bill Overton
Abilene, Tex.

Congrats to A. J. Jacobs for the article ”Citizen Cain.” What could have been a hostile interview was a good combination of the fans’ right to know versus Mr. Cain’s right of privacy. Surely one issue worth collecting. End of story.
Elaine Doherty
Auburn, Mass.

I noticed a small error in your ”Citizen Cain” story. Dean Cain set an NCAA Division I-AA record for most pass interceptions in a single season (12 in 1987), but it was not an overall NCAA record. Al Worley of the University of Washington picked off 14 in 1968 for the Division I-A and overall record.
Arlene Felberbaum
New York City

Antonio Banderas, David Duchovny, George Clooney, and now Dean Cain all on your cover. Is EW a teen-heartthrob magazine or has the staff been taken over by a bunch of 11-year-old girls? If I wanted to hear about Cain’s workout plan or his love life, I’d watch Hard Copy.
Craig Mellick
Waukon, Iowa

I must point out a glaring omission in your article ”National Endowment of the Smarts.” None of the actors you chose have the ”pinup beauty” of Paul Gross, Due South‘s Mountie.
Linda K. Butler
Martin, Tenn.

When I heard the Academy Award nominations and saw that Nixon had been shut out, I remembered that you had dubbed it Movie of the Year and given it an A rating. Now it’s official: ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY’s is the only opinion worth listening to. Good job.
John Schroeder
Batavia, Ill.

A million thanks to Ken Tucker’s article on Homicide. If one person really deserves praise, it’s Barry Levinson, who should get an award for his integrity to set and film a TV drama in a city other than New York, Chicago, or Los Angeles.
Mark Hahm
Mequon, Wis.

CORRECTION: We incorrectly included The Carpetbaggers in our 1972 Time Capsule (Encore); it was first released in 1964.

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