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Just Between Us Girls

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Just Between Us Girls

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In Season
Judith Newman, Sydney Biddle Barrows
St. Martin's Press
Nonfiction, Women's Studies

We gave it a C+

Sadly, there isn’t much new in Sydney Biddle Barrows’s Just Between Us Girls for ”us girls,” despite the amount of time the author logged as the Social Register‘s most notorious madam. According to her first book, Mayflower Madam, Barrows’ experience with clients was solely administrative. So many of her bons mots are strictly secondhand. And most are recycled as well: Any woman who’s ever read Cosmo or seen 9 1/2 Weeks has probably used the standard-issue love accessories (scented candles, intricate lingerie) she recommends and is impatient for more original advice on the absorbing problem of how best to please her man. But it’s not to be found in this collection of chortle-worthy suggestions (”He is Santa, and you’re a mischievous elf…”) pitched primarily at anxious wives with straying husbands. Then again, uproarious laughter can do wonders for a dull relationship. C+