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Flashes: March 15, 1996

The top entertainment news of the week

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BAND AID: George Clooney isn’t the only ER star doing post-doc work. As a favor to a friend, Anthony Edwards is directing a video for Polydor Records’ folk-rock act, the Badlees. Edwards, who’s also helming an upcoming episode of ER, did the clip for ”Angeline Is Coming Home,” and recruited fellow medic Julianna Margulies to star in it. Guitarist Bret Alexander was suitably impressed by Margulies, who, he says, ”acted out all these mood swings in two minutes’ time.” And the video brings Edwards one tiny step closer to realizing his master plan. ”I love acting, but I would like to be Ron Howard and do features someday,” he says. He’s already got the pate for it.
Anna Holmes

WE THE PEOPLE: It’s Pat Buchanan’s worst nightmare: a Village People revival. Thanks to soundtracks like The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert, Wayne’s World 2, and Addams Family Values, as well as a cover of ”In the Navy” for Kelsey Grammer’s Down Periscope, the flamboyant ’70s rockers are packin’ ’em in on the plains. After a recent show in Oklahoma, one audience member commended the six rockers for ”such a nice family show.” Felipe Rose, who wears the Native American getup, says the group was shocked. ”All we could think was, Oh, God, we have got to change this show.”
Casey Davidson

SEAL WITH A ”KISS”: Big Grammy winner Seal, whose lush ”Kiss From a Rose” earned both Record and Song of the Year, is as famous for his sound as he is for his songs. The British crooner and his producer, Trevor Horn, are notorious for spending months in the studio crafting layers of luxuriant overdubs. But the artist — now writing songs for a third album — plans to shift gears. ”I won’t take that road again,” he says of the painstaking process. ”It’s the worst way to make an album.” It also takes time: There was a 3 1/2-year delay between his 1991 debut, Seal, and its follow-up, also dubbed Seal. Wary of that, the singer will cut the new album with a live band and shoot for a speedier delivery — he hopes by Christmas: ”In no way will it take as long as the second one. That I can guarantee you.” As for a title, may we suggest…Seal?
Jeff Gordinier

ETC.: To be the butt of an ongoing Seinfeld gag or not to be? That’s the dilemma of J. Peterman catalog retailer John Peterman, who is no doubt the inspiration for Elaine’s eccentric boss. ”It has its pluses and its minuses,” says Peterman, who also travels the world seeking clothes and fabrics for his exotic and poetic catalog. ”The plus is that 32 million people hear Peterman this and Peterman that. The minus is that the guy who plays me is an a–hole.”