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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t, on ”X-Files”’s Gillian Anderson, ”Screamers,” and more

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I was very glad to see such a fantastic article devoted to such an amazing actress, Gillian Anderson of The X-Files, the best show on television (#313, Feb. 9). Bret Watson wrote an article that gave the reader real insight into the actress’ personality, while Bruce Malone captured Anderson’s true essence and beauty.
Deanne Overzet
Thornhill, Ontario

Thank you for your cover story on Gillian Anderson of The X-Files. As an X-Phile, I applaud and appreciate the continual respect that your magazine gives this show. Next time, though, could you make the article longer?
Adam J. Keithley
Lee’s Summit, Mo.

It’s no mystery what supporting player Mitch Pileggi’s appeal is (as FBI assistant director Walter Skinner): that face, those shoulders, that voice, that beautiful bald head…. Combine all those with his intelligence, his primal masculinity, a sense of something wild beneath that cool demeanor, and perhaps you can begin to understand why so many hearts beat faster when we see the words ”Also starring Mitch Pileggi” on those too infrequent Friday nights.
Julia Ann Ortega

Thank you for your candid review of the movie Screamers. I do not, however, appreciate your characterization of my father, Philip K. Dick (the author of the story the movie was based on), as ”nutball.” It’s been a delight to see his stories come to life. Unfortunately, your comment dishonoring his memory makes it bittersweet for those of us who love and respect him.
Isa Dick-Hackett
Belmont, Calif.

I was elated to read Dana Kennedy’s article on the late Joseph Vasquez. It was great to see a magazine like EW go in depth on a relatively obscure filmmaker and detail the events leading to his untimely death. Although we will never see what Vasquez could have been, he’s made his mark in paving the way for Latinos aspiring to make it in the business. Great work, Dana. Rest in peace, Joe.
Jason S. Nzario
New York City

Under Thesis 2 of your Neil Diamond perspective (as Metaphor for Mankind’s Existential Crisis in an Illogical Universe) you failed to mention the soundtrack to Jonathan Livingston Seagull. Before Enya, Yanni, and John Tesh, Neil was the grandpappy of New Age music.
Tamara Smith
Rudy, Ark.

Can’t we get beyond the narrow-minded thinking evidenced by the Wimp-O-Meter (News & Notes)? What’s next, the Bitch-O-Meter? Hollywood relies far too heavily on the same tired formulas. Don’t complain when characters break out of stereotypical gender roles; let’s take what we can get.
Amy Jean Hoffman
Visalia, Calif.