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They were just two funny

From Chris Farley and David Spade to Laurel and Hardy, great comic pairings over the years

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Buddy up, Hollywood! Farley and Spade have filled a long-standing comedy-team void. Here’s a look at a few classic duos of yesteryear.

Laurel & Hardy
Idiot savant Stan was helpless, finicky Ollie only marginally less so; both looked good in drag.
Catchphrase: ”Another fine mess!”
Key film: Sons of the Desert.

Abbott & Costello
Tongue-tied and hyperactive Lou played off Bud’s straight man to hilarious effect.
Catchphrase: ”Who’s on first?”
Key film: Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein.

Hope & Crosby
Between Bing’s crooning, Bob’s chicken act, and constant Hollywood in-jokes, they came off smarter than their movies.
Catchphrase: ”Buh-buh-buh-boo.”
Key film: Road to Rio.

Martin & Lewis
Infantile, rubber-faced, yammering Jerry served as a constant embarrassment for contemptuous crooner Dean.
Catchphrase: ”Hey, la-a-a-dy!”
Key film: Sailor Beware.

Lemmon & Matthau
Walter’s dyspepsia and Jack’s prissiness were already aspects of their personas; together they looked like an old married couple.
Catchphrase: ”I’m home, dear!”
Key film: The Odd Couple.

Cheech & Chong
Everything is funny when you’re baked out of your skull.
Catchphrase: Suuuuuck.
Key film: Up in Smoke.

Wilder & Pryor
Tight-ass Harpo Marx look-alike Gene was whiter than rice; short-tempered motormouth Richard constantly had to supply him with funk.
Catchphrase: ”We bad!”
Key film: Stir Crazy.