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Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story

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Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story

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Clark Humphrey
Feral House
Nonfiction, Music

We gave it a B

Everybody knows the Seattle music scene garnered unprecedented media attention when Nirvana and Pearl Jam hit the big time in the early ’90s. But did you know that the precursor to grunge music was ”barf rock”? Do you want to? A pop-culture writer for the Seattle weekly The Stranger, Clark Humphrey offers the definitive history of that city’s alternative music scene in all its grungy glory. Meticulously detailing the birth, morphings, and death of every punk, postpunk, and pop band, he gives the near anonymous — as well as the likes of Hole and Soundgarden — their due in Loser: The Real Seattle Music Story. It can be eye glazing for anyone not entrenched in the scene. Still, Loser is a noble effort, capturing a Seattle you’ll not see on Frasier.