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Dunston Checks In

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Dunston Checks In

Current Status:
In Season
Jason Alexander, Faye Dunaway, Rupert Everett, Paul Reubens
Ken Kwapis

We gave it a D+

The least-appealing hairy creature this side of Pauly Shore, Dunston is a jewel-thief orangutan who checks into a swanky Manhattan hotel to rob the guests in Dunston Checks In. For a slapstick kids’ comedy, there’s an awful lot of dreary plotting: Dunston’s master (Rupert Everett)is a meanie who used to abuse the ape’s late brother; this villain is mistaken for a hotel inspector and treated with inordinate respect by the establishment’s imperious owner (Faye Dunaway, looking smashing) and manager (Seinfeld‘s Jason Alexander, acting like a normal guy and therefore unfunnily). Alexander has two charmless sons (Eric Lloyd and Graham Sack) who befriend Dunston. Director Ken Kwapis fills the movie with feeble references to Planet of the Apes and King Kong that don’t amuse adults and sail over the heads of tykes who snicker most at the raspberries Dunston blows at anyone he meets.