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The Pumplinkdom

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To judge by this handsome but angst-ridden page, The Pumplinkdom, devoted to Smashing Pumpkins, the problem with many alternative rockers is that neither they nor their fans allow themselves much fun. Check out proprietor’s introduction (”It is to them that I owe thanks for the countless hours sitting around with headphones on oblivious to anything occurring in my surroundings”); the endless questions (”Why do they suck live?” ”Well, some people like how Billy [Corgan] sounds when he screams”); and the lengthy essay ”The End of the Smashing Pumpkins as We Know Them,” which posits the imminent breakup of the band on the heels of its greatest success. Ultimately, the Pumpkins’ creativity — as expressed through lyrics, sound clips, and pictures — wins out over this site’s self-indulgence. B+