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Is Pauly Shore a sure thing

Is Pauly Shore a sure thing — The funnyman feels the heat as ”Dunston Checks In” challenges ”Bio-Dome” at the box office

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Q: With Pauly Shore’s Bio-Dome doing only moderately better box office than the primate-powered Dunston Checks In ($6 million versus $4 million), Entertainment Weekly asks, ”Which is a better financial investment: a movie starring Shore, or one with a monkey?”

Samuel Z. Arkoff (producer and president of Arkoff International Pictures; cofounder of American International Pictures): ”Let me put it this way — it depends on the monkey. If it’s King Kong, I’ll take King Kong.”

Craig Campobasso (a casting director for Picket Fences): ”I vote for the monkey because it’s cheaper and doesn’t talk back. He’ll work for bananas, not peanuts.”

Marvin Worth (Marvin Worth Productions — Malcolm X, The Rose): ”It’s the same choice. I don’t see a difference.”

Danny Bonaduce (erstwhile Partridge and radio host): ”I’d rather do a movie with a Monkee — preferably Peter Tork.”