January 19, 1996 at 05:00 AM EST

HARVEY KEITEL may have top billing in From Dusk Till Dawn, but if you blink at most of its ads, you’ll miss him. On page and TV screen alike it’s ER’s George Clooney and media phenom Quentin Tarantino who are selling the horror comedy, which Tarantino also wrote. Miramax marketing director Mark Gill explains the emphasis as a matter of getting the premise across: ”You have to go with the elemental core of the story, and that is about the two brothers.” So why is Keitel, whose screen time doesn’t match Clooney’s but may exceed Tarantino’s, the headliner? The studio and Keitel’s agent chose not to comment, but advance buzz says the actor deserves his billing — playing a minister who’s lost his faith, he kicks some righteous butt.

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