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And now the moment of truth…. the stars reveal their 1995 highs and lows

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Robin Williams Jumanji Hits: I made up with Disney. Yeah, me and the mouse got together again. They said they were sorry about what happened with Aladdin, which I think is very elegant. Also, I liked To Wong Foo. Mrs. Doubtfire would say that Wesley Snipes in drag is a very attractive young man. The Pits: That the tabloids would not leave Chris Reeve alone. When Chris was moved in an ambulance from one hospital to another, the paparazzi pulled a car in front of his ambulance, blocked it, and ran to the back window to take a picture. Why, why, why? Is it worth it?

Kenneth Branagh Othello Hit: I loved Living in Oblivion. It made me laugh. It was just delicious. I loved when the director goes potty in the first sequence. That was just so.I wanted to cheer. The Pits: I felt sorry for Hugh Grant. I feel sorry for anybody who has got to deal with a difficult personal situation under an intense spotlight. Life is difficult enough without the world making things up about you.

Bill Maher Politically Incorrect Hit: Clinton finding his balls…. Imagine a President who, until now, has always taken a poll to find out what color tie [to wear] sending 20,000 troops overseas for no other reason than it’s the right thing to do. The Pits: Well, for me the low point was Colin Powell not running. I was very disappointed!

Tom Hanks Toy Story Hit: Looking down in the audience at the Oscars and thinking, Wow, that’s Paul Newman! The Pits: If one more person gives me a box of chocolates, I’m gonna choke.

Ricki Lake Talk-show host Hit: The Usual Suspects. Kevin Spacey is a phenomenal actor. The Pits: Quite simply, the 104th Congress.

Nicholas Evans Author of The Horse Whisperer Hit: Princess Diana’s TV interview. Outrageous, compelling, and truly moving. The Pits: Colin Powell saying he won’t be running for President.

Daniel Benzali Teddy on Murder One Hit: I re-read Sister Carrie in a new unexpurgated edition. The Pits: That the Cleveland Browns are leaving Cleveland.

Jack Wagner Peter on Melrose Place Hit: Convincing people that I had figured out the ending to The Usual Suspects, which, in my opinion, is the best movie of the year. The Pits: Having to keep answering questions about Heather Locklear when all I want to do is talk more about me.

Tim Allen Toy Story and Home Improvement Hit: This sounds so self-gratifying, but my hit was Toy Story. Three or four years in development…we went through a lot to get it to where it is. And it’s a big hit and I love it. The Pits: Since I’m a science-fiction freak, the fact there’s been no big sci-fi hit this year.

Jiuliana Hatfield Singer, Universal Heart-Beat Hit: The end of the federal 55-mph speed limit. The Pits: Jerry Garcia’s death. I never got the chance to see a Dead show, and now I can’t.

Kathleen Robertson Clare on Beverly Hills, 90210 Hit: Autobiography of a Face by Lucy Grealy. It was the true story of a woman who had cancer since the age of 9. It was just great. The Pits: Vamp nail polish. I hate it. I don’t want to see one more person wearing it.