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1995 The Year That Was/Moral Uplift

Values at a Discount

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Dear Senator Dole: It’s so easy to be critical. And we know you score big political points by attacking ”immoral” entertainment. But look closely at the movies, TV shows, and music that some on the right find so objectionable. You may just find a ”moral” message.

NYPD Blue Forget the foul language and bare backsides. Jimmy Smits and Dennis Franz play cops who always nab the bad guys—and if a suspect’s civil liberties get trampled along the way, so be it.

Kids Forget the youngsters’ casual sex and drug taking. The absence of adults proves Larry Clark’s movie is actually an indictment of liberal child rearing.

Dogg Food Forget the dirty songs on Tha Dogg Pound’s album: ”Big Pimpin 2,” ”Some Bomb Azz P — -y.” Read the liner notes: ”I wanna first give thanks to God, who made all this s — – possible.”

Money Train Forget the copycat-crime-inducing scenes of subway token clerks getting torched. Woody Harrelson and Wesley Snipes are brothers in the film. If that’s not a vision of a color-blind society, we don’t know what is.