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1995 The Year That Was/Hot Sheet

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1 Friends The most unusual thing about this show? They found 6 twentysomethings who don’t live at home.

2 Central Park West They say you can’t lose money underestimating the intelligence of the American public. They were wrong.

3 Celebrity Liver Transplants Stars do not get special treatment. They have to wait one or two whole days, just like other really rich people.

4 Waterworld A public relations nightmare. You know it’s bad when the best blurb you can find is ”It’s not the worst movie of all time!”

5 Martha Stewart The domicile doyenne has legions of cultlike followers armed with glue guns. So when’s the government going to raid her?

6 ER Where no one signs forms or waits for hours. No wonder it’s so popular.

7 Hugh Grant Had oral sex with a hooker while dating a model. Hard to believe he’s still single.

8 The Bridges of Madison County Most men went to this movie only because they thought Clint Eastwood was going to blow up the bridges.

9 The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Pete Rose would have no trouble getting in here on the first ballot.

10 O.J. Some Americans refused to get caught up in all the tedious details of a nine-month trial. They’re called jurors.

11 The Beatles The highest-paid band of 1995. They sat down for interviews and opened the vault. Stop, guys, before you turn into workaholics.

12 The Internet People are worried about online porn. It’s the endless ”Who’s better—Kirk or Picard?” threads that should scare them.

13 Pocahontas Early settlers sang, danced, cut down trees, and exploited fuzzy animals for profit. Sounds like they founded the first Disneyland.

14 Jim Carrey The human cartoon now gets $20 million a movie. Imagine what Daffy Duck could make with a better agent.

15 Colin Powell What a smart guy. He knew you can be the most admired man in America or you can run for President. You can’t do both.