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1995 The Year That Was/Faves

Cute, Cuter, Cutest

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Cute: Roseanne, who gave birth to son Buck six months after her wedding. Cuter: Shelley Long, whose ”Oh, Mike” said it all in The Brady Bunch Movie. Cutest: Fly, the Babe Border collie who let her adopted piglet be whatever it wanted to be.

Faux Teens

CUTE: Minnie Driver, 23, who worshiped Chris O’Donnell in Circle of Friends. Cuter: Scott Wolf, 27, the sweetly clueless Bailey on Party of Five. Cutest: David Letterman, 48, a class clown who will never grow up.


Cute: Russell Crowe’s dashing computer-generated Virtuosity baddie Sid 6.7. Cuter: Outbreak’s born-free, shrieking, Ebola-spreading capuchin monkey. Cutest: Toy Story‘s bubble-eyed arcade Martians, who pine for the claw to deliver them to a better place.