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Trouble & Attitude

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Trouble & Attitude: The Second Issue (Marinex, CD-ROM for PC and Mac, $9.95) Call me jaded, but I didn?t find much trouble or attitude in this ”multimedia magazine for men,” which, despite the eyebrow-raising male designation, doesn?t get terribly explicit in text or graphics. But it sure does have lots of stuff — snippets from every cut of the 20 music CDs featured in its ”Decibels” department, plenty of stills and trailers from most of the James Bond movies, and, what with all the supplementary clips and interviews, more than an hour of video. I just didn?t learn anything new about any of the topics covered — cigars, strip clubs, bad poetry, virtual sex, The Weekly World News. There is a novel look at women?s-room graffiti, though; turns out that it?s as uninspired and messy as the stuff found in men?s rooms. How oddly comforting. C Glenn Kenny