EW Staff
December 22, 1995 AT 05:00 AM EST


THANKS FOR your cover story on David Letterman (#303, Dec. 1)! His show got me through months of pregnancy-induced insomnia and late-night feedings of my newborn. I’m convinced that the only reason my baby doesn’t sleep through the night now is that he needs his regular ”Dave fix”! J. MASON Hushmeaux@aol.com Marietta, Ohio

THANKS FOR a great article on our favorite dweeb, David Letterman. I could almost smell the cigar and feel the chill. PAMELA MALONE Camarillo, Calif.

LETTERMAN knows his show and his audience. He knows what to say, as well as how prepared the average American is to hear those words. He knows his limits, and that shows his inner strength. Dave, you are my late-night king. LISA KELLY LisaKelly@aol.com San Diego

DAVE KICKS BUTT,” huh? What’s your next headline, ”EW Kisses Butt”? We all know Jay has gotten much funnier than Dave’s constant mugging and self-preoccupation. The problem with Dave is that he now thinks he’s funnier than his audience does. MICHAEL GAY Lawton00@aol.com Chicago

I ENJOYED the Letterman interview, but why the harping about Dave’s ”failure” at the Oscars? To use a metaphor that Hoosier Dave might appreciate, that’s like blaming a driver for losing the Indy 500 after being forced to drive a Yugo. The Oscars failed Letterman, not the other way around. STEVE OMLID OMBO@aol.com San Francisco


BRUCE BOXLEITNER’s worried about Babylon 5’s low ratings? A few helpful hints: 1. Instead of modest uniforms, squeeze Commander Ivanova into a revealing bodysuit. 2. Replace decipherable dialogue with incomprehensible technobabble. 3. Rid characters of human flaws so they’ll be perfect role models. 4. Rather than fascinate us with character evolution, keep major players static. 5. Merchandise like crazy: Bab5 toothbrushes, boxer shorts, and an endless supply of toys. 6. Have the aliens look like humans with forehead problems. 7. A surefire way to increase ratings? Put Star Trek somewhere in the title. JEAN PAUL VAUDREUIL Thomasville, Ga.


I SPEAK for the writing staff when I say it’s flattering to receive praise for a series we’re proud of, but to be compared to — and graded higher than — The Twilight Zone is ridiculous. Without Rod Serling and TZ breaking the ground they did three decades ago, there’d be no X-Files. JEFF VLAMING, story editor, The X-Files Los Angeles

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