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Four Things We Wished We Hadn't Learned About Michael Jackson

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1. When New York City emergency medical technicians reportedly pinched his skin to test for dehydration, it stood straight up. They also reported that his facial makeup was so thick it melted, forcing them to lift his shirt to check his real pallor.

2. Jacko’s basis for choosing Beth Israel North Hospital: That’s where his plastic surgeon practices.

3. Jacko suffered from gastrointestinal problems often associated with trips to Cancun, Mexico.

4. Jackson has a fondness for fey Italian rodents. A picture of Topo Gigio (left), the mouse puppet made famous on The Ed Sullivan Show, graced the wall of Jackson’s hospital room. The singer ordered the $50 enlarged photo from New York City’s Movie Star News. And why Topo Gigio? ”To each his own,” reasons a store employee.