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Courtney Love and Barbara Walters: Women Who Cry Too Much

Love and Walters Share More Than Hair Roots

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On the face of it, they were the oddest TV couple since Neil Simon’s pair of New York divorces. But maybe the recent tete-a-tete between ABC anchorperson Barbara Walters and rancor-person Courtney Love on Walters’ The 10 Most Fascinating People of 1995 wasn’t so strange after all. Indeed, the two share startling similarities. — A.J. Jacobs

Courtney Love

A Love set is an hour of screaming, crying, and pain.

Love is from the same scene as Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails.

Love is a twentysomething star after years of no respect.

Love has a strange connection to Hustler publisher Larry Flynt (she’ll play his late wife in an upcoming biopic).

Love can look like a child in her kinder-whore outfits.

Love says inappropriate things (she pleaded guilty to abusing a Qantas stewardess).

Love tried homosexuality.

Barbara Walters

A Walters special is an hour of screaming, crying, and pain.

Walters wears pearls and has long fingernails.

Walters is a star on 20/20 after years of no respect. Walters has a strange connection with Hustler publisher Larry Flynt (he once offered her $1 million to pose nude).

Walters can sound like a child (”If you could be a tree…”).

Walters often says inappropriate things (she asked Barbra Streisand why she never got a nose job).

Walters went to Sarah Lawrence.