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Casino: Higher Stakes

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Describe Casino in two words? Wretched excess. In fact, Martin Scorsese’s Las Vegas crime saga is a veritable jackpot of indulgence. By the end, there’s so much gold, greed, and gore, you won’t believe you watched the whole thing. A run of the numbers.

Number of violent scenes: 27

Number of different instruments of destruction, including a cattle prod, a vise, and a pen: 14

Number of deaths: 22

Number of people buried alive: 2

Number of kisses: 18

Number of Mob kisses: 8

Number of cigarettes smoked: 76

Number of cigarettes smoked by Robert De Niro: 44

Number of fur coats worn by Sharon Stone: 6

Number of flashy sequined dresses she wears: 8

Number of different sherbet-colored outfits worn by De Niro: 23

Number of scenes in which money is counted: 30

Number of slot-machine pulls: 13

Number of times F-word is said: 365

Running time: 2 hours 58 minutes

Jason Kaufman and Tiarra Mukherjee