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Nicholas Evans

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Nicholas Evans

At the moment I’m reading Tim Winton’s The Riders. He’s an Australian writer who was short-listed for the Booker Prize. The book is about this rather endearing but scary-looking Australian guy who wants his wife and daughter to join him in Ireland, where he has done up this derelict cottage. But when he goes to the airport to pick them up, only the daughter, who’s about 7, is there and she won’t say what has happened. He then travels around Europe in search of his wife. It’s sort of a mystery…very haunting. The last thing I read, very belatedly, was The Prince of Tides. God, what a book. It’s like 10 or 20 novels in one. As a novelist, you think, What’s there left to write about after that?

Nicholas Evans is the author of the best-seller The Horse Whisperer.