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Frasier: Sleekness in Seattle

Analyzing the style that makes ‘Frazier’ TV’s ooolest couch trip

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When Cheers‘ Frasier Crane headed to the moist surrounds of Seattle for his 1993 NBC spin-off, he didn’t leave behind just his suds buds and his barstool—he shed his entire Boston lifestyle.

This transformation from Coors to Courvoisier actually took place in L.A., on Paramount’s Stage 25, where Sam Malone’s jukebox was pushed aside for a bachelor (and dad) pad teeming with art and designer furniture.

”The producers let me go out as far as I wanted,” says Frasier production designer Roy Christopher. ”It was great to give Frasier a fresh start in a sleek, contemporary setting.”

Every Tuesday, 20 million fans marvel at the show’s sky-highbrow babble, peppered with more Freud references than an American Psychiatric Association symposium. But who wouldn’t wax witty while lounging on a Chanel-style sofa, amid African objets d’art? No surprise the cast has developed Eames envy. ”Isn’t it just so striking?” raves Peri Gilpin (Roz) of the digs. ”Now everyone wants Roy to do their apartments.”

If you’d like some Frasier fashion in your life, here’s a guide to the good doctor’s decorating touches for home, hangout, and office.