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Celebrity news for December 1, 1995, including Tony Randall and Heather Harlan’s marriage, and the death of Jack Finney

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EXITS What goes around comes around? Last week, while Warner Music Group and HBO chairman Michael Fuchs, 49, was being relieved of his post, his former charge, ex-Warner Music chairman and CEO Doug Morris, 55, was landing on top of the heap. Morris, the highly regarded exec fired by Fuchs last summer, succeeds Al Teller, 51, as chairman and CEO of MCA’s Music Entertainment Group. Teller, chairman of MCA for seven years, gave philosophical differences as the reason for his departure. Morris is expected to energize the MCA label.

FIGHTS Guess Tori Spelling, 22, must be in the market for a new personal assistant. Karen Tublitz, a former employee of the Beverly Hills, 90210 star, pleaded not guilty to extortion charges on Nov. 9 in L.A. Superior Court. According to Spelling’s lawyer, Brian Edwards, Tublitz ”worked for Tori for three months,” after which she was fired. Edwards says Tublitz asked for severance pay but rebuffed his offer of $700, demanding $30,000 not to tell all to the tabloids. Not so, says Tublitz’s lawyer, Harland Braun. ”[Karen] discovered that she had never signed a confidentiality agreement — so she could talk to people,” he insists. ”Tori’s people found out about it — so they approached her to buy her silence.” A pretrial hearing is scheduled for late November.

WED It’s another odd coupling for Tony Randall, 75, who married actress Heather Harlan, 25, on Nov. 17 in New York City. The couple, whose wedding was performed by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani, met when Harlan interned at Randall’s National Actor’s Theatre. ”It’s kind of funny because he’s in a play now [School for Scandal] where he plays an older man married to a younger woman,” says a Randall spokeswoman. ”Truth is stranger than fiction in this case.” Randall’s wife of 54 years, Florence, died three years ago.

DEATHS Author Jack Finney, 84, of pneumonia, on Nov. 14 in Greenbrae, Calif. Finney gained a cult following for such novels as 1955’s The Body Snatchers, the basis of three films, and for his much loved 1970 time-travel adventure, Time and Again. This year Finney published a sequel, From Time to Time, which hit the best-seller list. ”He was a totally inventive writer,” says Simon & Schuster’s Mark Gompertz. ”Time and Again is the most endearing and romantic novel I’ve ever read.”