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From a space story to ''Toy Story''

From a space story to ”Toy Story” — Tom Hanks reveals his taste in toys

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Sure, toys will be toys, but not all of them are created equal. In the upcoming Disney computer-animated feature Toy Story, Tom Hanks provides the voice of Woody, the cowboy doll who loses his playroom status as favorite toy to astronaut action figure Buzz Lightyear, voiced by Tim Allen. Which got us wondering if Hanks had a childhood inspiration for the role. Of course, he says. ”It was an astronaut called Major Matt Nathan,” says Hanks. ”He was made out of rubber and he had a wire inside and you could bend him and lean him any way you wanted. Until the wire busted. Then his arm kind of dangled.” Perhaps the Apollo 13 star’s taste in toys was an early sign of bigger things to come? ”I just loved it because he had a very lifelike helmet and space equipment and this little tractor he drove around on the moon. Very cool stuff.” Wonder if Ron Howard knew this.