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I, Fellini

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I, Fellini: Charlotte Chandler (Random House, $26.50) Federico Fellini makes a confession in this book: He’s a wee bit prone to embroidering the truth. Not exactly a shocker. After all, this is the man who abandoned Italy’s neorealism for dream sequences, fantasy, and circus dwarves. But Fellini’s confession serves as a handy warning to keep a shaker of salt nearby when reading this book, a hefty biography drawn from 14 years of interviews with the late director. Yet in the end, you won’t really care if Fellini’s wry, meandering, self-deprecating tales are totally true. They’re delightful nonetheless. You’ll learn how he used a dirty cartoon to get Marcello Mastroianni to star in La Dolce Vita, how he dreamed of filming a twisted version of the Robinson Crusoe story, and how he started the rumor that 81U2 was named for the age when he first had sex. As Fellini bubbles about the work of Mae West and Laurel and Hardy, along with his own films, one thing is proved beyond a doubt: This man loved the movies. A-