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The Portable Shannen Doherty

We provide a handy summary of the controversial ”Mallrats” star’s soundbites

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Okay, we admit it. We’ve missed Shannen Doherty. Remember the catfight at the Roxy? Her brief but stormy marriage to Ashley Hamilton? It all came flooding back recently when Doherty arrived in New York to promote her new movie, Mallrats. Between discussing ‘rats, Doherty waxed poetic on the ways of the world. Herewith, the pearls of wisdom that make Shannen so Shannen.

On life: ”Sometimes life sucks, but you can survive it. Turn it into a positive. People will let you down. In the end, you have yourself and your family. The rest of the time, just say, ‘Whatever.’ ”

On career changes: ”When I was on 90210, my passion basically died. So, you get off that series and there is this surge of, like, ‘Wow. This is my life.’ That’s when I decided I wanted to act forever. I have the ability to evoke emotion out of people!”

On coping with fame: ”Everyone is watching you. You’re under a microscope. That’s the downside. Just say, ‘Like, wow! This is so cool!’ ”

On the opposite sex: ”I really picked bad men.. I don’t trust my judgment in that area anymore.”

On her Mallrats character: ”She goes through something every woman goes through: having a boyfriend who sits around playing Sega all day and not paying enough attention to you. We’ve all been there.”

On combating a bad rep: ”I haven’t been this perfect angel, but who is? Once people meet me they’re shocked to realize that I’m not the absolute terror. Otherwise, I’d be ripping off your head right now.”

On the importance of keeping in touch with old friends: ”[Gabrielle Carteris] has a talk show?”