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Video Reviews: 'The Jerky Boys: The Movie' and 'The Jerky Boys: Don't Hang Up, Toughguy!'

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Narrowly missing a spot in the pantheon of recorded prank phone callers, the Jerky Boys were still the first to parlay being a public nuisance into two gold albums. The inevitable movie at least provides some instant grace by presenting the two guys as complete losers, who end up — in reliable comedy-duo fashion — getting in trouble with the Mob. Since the Boys can’t act, the filmmakers wisely surround them with seasoned celebrities (featuring Alan Arkin and avowed Jerky fan Tom Jones), but you’ll still wonder why this didn’t go straight to video. Don’t Hang Up, Tough guy!, a 40-minute collection of videotaped pranks, is a lot harder on the eyes and ears, as the Boys take over the sound system of a local supermarket and crank-call MTV employees. The one redeeming moment: when a helpful MTV drone has to explain that Aerosmith is a band and Beavis and Butt-head is a cartoon. The Movie: C+ Don’t Hang Up: D