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What movie stars are eager to see

What movie stars are eager to see — John Travolta, Bruce Willis, and Rob Reiner all look forward to ”Casino”

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Not all celebrities look alike, but they do seem to think alike. We asked stars and directors which movies — other than their own — they were most anxious to see this fall. Can you detect the common thread in their responses? John Travolta: ”Casino is the one I’m looking forward to. When you match up Scorsese with De Niro and add a wild card like Sharon Stone, in Vegas — come on!”Richard Donner: ”Casino. I want to see anything Scorsese does.” Mary Stuart Masterson: ”Casino. I just love Scorsese and De Niro, and I’m always excited to see what they’re up to.” Bruce Willis: ”Casino. Martin Scorsese. He’s the man.” Madeleine Stowe: ”Casino. There’s just so much of a rush to Scorsese’s films.” Dennis Franz: ”Casino. I think anybody who’s involved in this business has to be an admirer of what he does.” Rob Reiner: ”I’m curious to see Casino, just because anything that Scorsese does I’m interested in.” James Woods: ”I hate to say this because I’m in it — but just in a cameo: Casino. I play Sharon’s pimp.” And which film is Martin Scorsese himself looking forward to seeing? ”I work in a vacuum,” he says. ”I don’t even know what’s coming up. I know Waterworld‘s come out, but I haven’t seen that. Give me a few hints.” May we suggest…Casino?