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The results of our 1995 movie poll

The results of our 1995 movie poll — Readers rate their favorite films from the past 12 months

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Most Americans don’t buy movie tickets over the phone, don’t care for cartoon characters on the big screen, and don’t want to sit through Congo II: The Gorillas Strike Back. In fact, a surprising chunk of the respondents to our 1995 movie poll don’t want to see sequels to anything. They would, however, like to see more comedies and family films. They’d also like to see more Julia Roberts, more Tom Hanks, and more Demi Moore. Here’s how the numbers add up:

Of all the films you’ve seen in the past 12 months, which was your favorite?
1. Forrest Gump
2. Apollo 13
3. The Lion King
4. Batman Forever
5. The Bridges of Madison County
Some schizophrenia here: Batman Forever was also the film that was named the worst, followed by Pocahontas, Dumb and Dumber, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie.

In the past year, have you fallen asleep while watching a movie in a theater?
10% Yes
90% No
The No. 1 snooze inducer is also the year’s highest grosser: Batman Forever. But people also admit they dozed off during Dumb and Dumber, Nine Months, Pocahontas, and Apollo 13. Apollo 13?!? Might we suggest a visit to the candy counter for some cola?

Have you ever decided not to see a movie in a theater because you knew it’d be on video in a few months?
68% Yes
32% No

Have you ever bought a movie ticket over the telephone?
4% Yes
96% No

Who is your favorite movie actress working today?
1. Julia Roberts
2. Meryl Streep
3. Demi Moore
4. Sandra Bullock
5. Michelle Pfeiffer
EW pollees have named Roberts top star five years in a row. And Streep (No. 3 last year) is surging. But whither Meg Ryan (No. 2 last year) and Sharon Stone (No. 2 in ’93)?

Who is your favorite movie actor working today?
1. Tom Hanks
2. Kevin Costner
3. Mel Gibson
4. Denzel Washington
5. Steven Seagal
Hanks, last year’s No. 2, unseats Gibson, last year’s winner. But Steven Seagal? What are you people thinking?

Which of these current movie stars do you predict will still be a movie star in 20 years?
55% Sharon Stone
51% Sandra Bullock
49% Val Kilmer
39% Chris O’Donnell
23% David Caruso
21% Alicia Silverstone

If you were running a studio, which of the following actors would you pay the most to star in your film?
46% Tom Hanks
17% Arnold Schwarzenegger
15% Tom Cruise
12% Bruce Willis
7% Jim Carrey

Which of the following five actresses would you pay the most?
27% Demi Moore
21% Julia Roberts
21% Meryl Streep
17% Meg Ryan
12% Sandra Bullock

Do you remember which film won the Academy Award for Best Picture this year?
45% Yes
54% No
Memory did not fail most of those who said they remembered the film that took the prize — 94% correctly identified Forrest Gump.

Did media coverage of the cost overruns on Waterworld make you more or less interested in seeing the movie?
26% More interested
8% Less interested
63% Had no effect

Which type of movies would you like to see more of in coming years?
84% Comedies
81% Family
64% Serious drama
62% Thrillers
56% Action
56% Romance
46% Westerns
30% Remakes
25% Sequels
26% Movies based on TV shows
24% Movies based on comic books/cartoons

From a telephone survey of 629 Americans taken for EW Aug. 4-7 by the Gallup Organization. Sampling error is plus or minus 4.4%.