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Deadly Games

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Star Trek: Voyager is the only semi-hit on UPN, so it’s no surprise the anemic new network has gone back to the sci-fi/fantasy well for two new series, Nowhere Man and Deadly Games. The Leonard Nimoy-helmed Games has the Trek connection, yet Nowhere has a more promising premise — and a better ime slot, following Voyager.

Games is just deadly. Looking like Tom Wolfe’s evil twin, Christopher Lloyd stars as Sebastian Jackal, a white-suited video-game villain brought to life by dweeby Dr. Gus Lloyd (James Calvert). Along with his shrill ex-wife (Madman of the People‘s Cynthia Gibb), Lloyd hunts Jackal and his cybercronies. The first two Games (directed by Nimoy) are packed with junky F/X and explosive stunts. D