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Yesterday's hunks go straight to video

Yesterday’s hunks go straight to video — Scott Valentine, Leif Garrett, and Christopher Atkins faded to rental bin

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As Chris O’Donnell continues to build his well-defined body of work, he’d be wise to remember that fellow Robin Burt Ward’s last movie was Assault of the Party Nerds II. Fame, alas, is fickle, and many of yesterday’s young hunks are going straight to video today.

Scott Valentine
Claim to fame: Was Mallory’s trash-collecting boyfriend, Nick, on TV’s Family Ties from 1985 to 1989.
Video specialty: Befuddled nice guys who fall for psychos in Homicidal Impulse and Till the End of the Night.
What happened: Hollywood just isn’t big enough for two Aidan Quinns.

Leif Garrett
Claim to fame: Appeared on the cover of almost every ’70s teen mag despite a meager résumé (he had three Top 40 hits).
Video specialty: None, fittingly; he bounces around, playing a psycho sibling in Party Line and a love-struck dude in the slasher film Cheerleader Camp.
What happened: Couldn’t make the transition from Tiger Beat to GQ.

David Naughton
Claim to fame: Went from Dr Pepper’s perky pitchman to lycanthrope in An American Werewolf in London.
Video specialty: Dull husbands — doomed in Ice Cream Man, heroic in Wild Cactus, and comic in Separate Vacations.
What happened: Only actor ever to have a movie stolen from him by Griffin Dunne.

Martin Hewitt
Claim to fame: Starred as Brooke Shields’ pyromaniacal paramour in 1981’s Endless Love.
Video specialty: Kinky guys who sleep with bored housewives in such erotic thrillers as Secret Games, Night Rhythms, and Carnal Crimes.
What happened: Anyone who debuts opposite Brooke Shields looks like Olivier by comparison; few can sustain that level without her.

Christopher Atkins
Claim to fame: Starred as Brooke Shields’ young playmate in 1980’s The Blue Lagoon and Linda Gray’s young playmate on Dallas.
Video specialty: Happy, horny guys in Mortuary Academy and Beaks: The Movie; evil woman-killers in Die Watching and Dracula Rising.
What happened: Only actor ever to make Brooke Shields look like Olivier by comparison.