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Medical advise on video

Medical advise on video — Tapes about osteoporosis, diabetes, asthma, headaches, and blood pressure critiqued

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Yes, there is a doctor in the house. While a rash of current medical videos don’t claim to take the place of a physician, they do, at the very least, provide some intriguing ways to spend those endless minutes on hold as you try to get through to your family M.D.

Every Woman’s Guide to Osteoporosis
Objective: ”To diagnose and stop osteoporosis before it progresses to the point of fracture.”
Dose of hope: ”It doesn’t have to be this way.”
Advice your doctor may have neglected: ”Many of the foods your body needs are here at the salad bar.”

Living with Diabetes: A Winning Formula
Objective: ”To prevent or at least minimize long-term complications affecting your nervous system, eyes, kidneys, and extremities.”
Dose of hope: ”Many people who would have gone blind are now doing beautifully.”
Advice your doctor may have neglected: ”You need to change those tapes in your head.”

Managing Childhood Asthma
Objective: ”To learn to control asthma rather than let it control you.”
Dose of hope: ”A number of people with asthma have even been known to win Olympic gold medals.”
Advice your doctor may have neglected: ”Freeze stuffed toys every week to kill dust mites.”

No More Headaches
Objective: ”To make you more functional than you are now.”
Dose of hope: ”Ninety percent of all headache sufferers will find some type of relief for their headache pain.”
Advice your doctor may have neglected: ”If you get up during the week at 6 a.m., on Saturday you get up at 6 a.m.”

Say Goodbye to High Blood Pressure
Objective: ”Why lose what are often some of the best years of your life?”
Dose of hope: ”It’s a lifelong disease, but not a lifelong burden.”
Advice your doctor may have neglected: ”Leave the barbells alone.”