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Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights

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Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights

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Burt Ward
Pop Culture, Television, Memoir

We gave it a D+

Maybe, just maybe, it would be intriguing to read about the romances of hunky Chris O’Donnell, the newly ordained Robin. But a thrust-by-thrust description of Burt Ward’s under-the-sheets behavior? Holy stomach turner! In his new autobiography, Boy Wonder: My Life in Tights, Batman’s pint-size sidekick from the cheesy ’60s superhero show tells us about his night cavorting with eight prostitutes; the teenager who seduced him while wearing his Robin costume; and the ”thousands” of other women whom he inseminated with ”BatSperm,” as did costar Adam West. In fact, the tights-wearing Ward is so eager to prove his virility to readers, he devotes several pages to the ”Battle of My Bulge,” in which network execs tried to disguise his oversize manhood because of supposed complaints from religious viewers. In the few remaining pages, Ward takes potshots at West, whom he claims upstaged him and got ”a peculiar thrill” from sliding down the Batpole. It makes you want to crawl into a Batcave and never come out. D+