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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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I wanted to let you folks know that I believe that the photograph of Nicole Kidman is the most beautiful picture ever to appear in your magazine. She is truly an intensely gorgeous woman. Thank you for the article and picture.
Chris Parker
Dover, N.H.

One look at the photos of Nicole Kidman by Stephanie Pfriender and it’s obvious that her third costarring role with husband Tom Cruise should be in the rumored Vampire Lestat. With her pale skin and haunting stare, she’s a shoo-in!
Jeff Nowicki
Dayton, Ohio

Somehow the idea that a role in a Batman movie would be the breakout role of anybody’s career sets off the sirens on the old dubious-o-meter. The filmed versions of Batman have always been about overacting, not acting — which is what makes them so much fun. Nicole Kidman’s triple play over the next year might ”carve out a professional identity all her own,” but you know how tricky a trifecta can be.
David Butler

Moral Stripping?
It’s incredible to read about the delusional actress Nicole Eggert, who is under the impression that there’s a difference between Baywatch and a role as a stripper. She claims that Baywatch was everything she was against ”morally.” So let me get this straight: Baywatch is what she is against morally, and she’s proud of her work in a movie where she plays a stripper and appears topless?
Julie Riganati
Lakeland, Fla.

Gift of ‘Fab’
I loved the review of AbFab, and I’m glad critics appreciate the show’s sense of humor. But I’m a little offended at the comment that Comedy Central was previously known as home to Mystery Science Theater 3000 ”geeks.” This geek adores both shows but didn’t realize appreciating some of the best writing on TV qualified me as such.
Brenda Fletcher
Normal, Ill.

Reeves Review
Owen Gleiberman deserves an F-minus for his review of Johnny Mnemonic, for his apparent impression that slamming an actor’s real-life personality has any place in a review. If we let our viewing criteria be actors’ estimated brainpower, social adroitness, or politics, we’d find very little acceptable to watch!
Kathleen Coy
Copiague, N.Y.

Arms and the Woman
I’m confused. In the June 12 People, Pamela Anderson has a tattoo on her left arm. In the June 9 EW, the tattoo is on her right arm. Which is right?
Dave Mitchell
Waterloo, Iowa

EDITOR’S NOTE: Good catch. We accidentally flopped the photo. The tattoo is on Anderson’s left arm.