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Keanu Reeves gets goofy

Keanu Reeves gets goofy — The actor will star with Cameron Diaz in ”Feeling Minnesota”

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Last year, he was a bomb-averting cop (Speed). This year, he’s a 21st-century microchip transporter (Johnny Mnemonic). Next year, look for Keanu Reeves in a simpler role: Jjaks, the hopeless romantic in love with Freddie (Cameron Diaz) in Feeling Minnesota. ”I know this sounds clich√©, but Keanu has never done anything like this,” says Minnesota director Steven Baigelman. ”He’s fused his sexuality, morality, passion, and total goofiness.” The pictures in the movie, taken in a motel photo booth after the pair runs out on her wedding day (following her marriage to Jjaks’ older brother, Sam), are testament to the goofy. But Diaz reveals that nailing the strip was anything but simple. ”There were tons of contact sheets,” she says. ”But either my eyes were closed or his tongue was sticking out.” Also hindering the spring shoot was the unpredictable Minnesota climate, which was far from a pretty picture. ”The temperature dropped 13 degrees in 12 minutes one day,” says Baigelman. Adds Diaz, ”They say there are 10,000 lakes, but I haven’t seen any of them. It’s just…it’s just hell.”