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Memorable quotes from the MTV Movie Awards

Memorable quotes from the MTV Movie Awards — What Jim Carrey, Cindy Crawford, Quentin Tarantino, and Joel Silver commented about at the show

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It’s not the Oscars, but the stars did come out for the 1995 MTV Movie Awards, which honored celebs in 13 mostly unconventional categories, such as Most Desirable Male (Brad Pitt) and Best Villain (Dennis Hopper in Speed). When they weren’t giving or getting prizes, guests questioned Sen. Bob Dole’s attack on Hollywood (”When there’s issues like crime and AIDS, why are they so involved in our business?” pondered Ice T) and the lack of air-conditioning at Warner Bros. Studios, where the ceremony was held (rather than applaud, some audience members just waved their programs). Highlights:

1. ”I’ve just killed my chances of ever winning an Oscar,” said Jim Carrey after winning for Best Comedic Performance and Best Kiss, both in Dumb and Dumber.

2. ”It was a lot more difficult than modeling,” presenter Cindy Crawford said of her first acting job, opposite William Baldwin in the upcoming Fair Game. ”There’s a lot to remember.”

3. Quentin Tarantino, whose Pulp Fiction picked up the Best Movie prize, arrived with an entourage that included Juliette Lewis, who’ll star in his Fiction follow-up. Asked about the movie, Tarantino would only offer, ”Everybody dies in it.”

4. Producer Joel Silver greeted Most Desirable Female Sandra Bullock (who was in his Demolition Man) by declaring: ”I’d love to use Sandy in another movie, but I can’t afford her.” (She reportedly commands $6 million a film.)

Meanwhile, one paparazzo spotted a flowing mane ducking into the men’s room. ”Kato? Kato! Hey, I think it’s Kato in there,” he shouted. It wasn’t.