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Fay Weldon
Atlantic Monthly Press
Sci-fi and Fantasy, Fiction

We gave it an A

Men are fools; society is misogynistic; women are often their own worst enemies. From these sad truths Fay Weldon (The Life and Loves of a She-Devil) spins a brilliant comic fantasy on the subject of divorce, breakdown, and recovery. Stodgy Sir Edwin Rice, with his dogs and horses, has something of Prince Charles about him. His sweet young wife, Angelica, has just a bit of Lady Di. When their marriage crumbles, Angelica fragments as well, into four distinct personalities — long-suffering wife, girlish innocent, assertive career woman, uninhibited sexpot. Listening to this quartet squabble and intrigue is great fun, and Splitting‘s four-in-one device lets Weldon neatly chart the path from female self-deception and self-hatred to happy self-awareness. The tidy ending leaves you with just one question: What lucky actress gets to play Angelica and all her alter egos in the movie version? A