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Reflections on the ''Power Rangers'' soundtrack

Reflections on the ”Power Rangers” soundtrack — 6-year old Conor let?s readers know what he thinks of the music

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What happens when you subject a cookie-fueled disciple of the most popular live-action kiddie drama, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, to the soundtrack of their first movie? To find out, we enlisted Conor, a 6-year-old New Yorker:

”Go Go Power Rangers” The Power Rangers Orchestra
”That’s the sound when the swords come together!” Conor shrieks. He then tries to explain characters called Zords to bewildered adults. ”You don’t get it, do you?” he sighs.

”Higher Ground” Red Hot Chili Peppers
Conor opts to play with a Mr. T puppet. He finally exclaims, ”Wait a second — this must be when they fight the Putties!”

”Trouble” Shampoo
Conor is unimpressed: ”It’s about time that dumb song was over,” he says at the end.

”Are You Ready?” Devo
He freaks at the title: ”I know what they mean! Are you ready to morph or call your zords!” But when he doesn’t recognize the tune, he bums out: ”If I don’t know the song, I don’t know the moves.”

”Kung Fu Dancing” Fun Tomas featuring Carl Douglas
Conor instantly breaks into karate moves and staccato cries of ”Hai-ya!” but soon grows bored; opts to show off fake Batman and shark tattoos.

”Dreams” Van Halen
Upon hearing synth intro, he rolls eyes and cracks, ”Can we go now?” Eddie’s ax playing soon goads him into air-guitar frenzy, which he continues through the next two songs.

”Cross My Line” Aaron Waters (The Mighty Raw)
Distracted, Conor plays with a Nerf football, and whines, ”Can we go now?” when the album ends. Still, after the EW grading system is explained to him, he shouts, ”A A A A A A!”