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Quentin Tarantino and Bob Dole?s computer contents

Quentin Tarantino and Bob Dole?s computer contents — A rundown of what?s on their PowerBooks

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Quentin Tarantino

Synonyms for ”Bitch whore”
”Big Mac” in German, Swahili, Urdu, etc.
Résumé (version without It’s Pat)
Starsky and Hutch screensaver
Briefcase contents
Thank-you note to Dole re: True Romance video sales
L.A. dry cleaners that can remove bloodstains and brain matter
Op-ed piece: ”Dole is a Four-Letter Word”
Screenplay idea: Guts!
Guns & Ammo‘s E-mail address

Bob Dole
U.S. Senator

List of words that rhyme with ”depravity”
Letter to William Safire re: origins of ”mack daddy”
Nixon meeting scene from Forrest Gump
Libby’s tips for the Oval Office
Book proposal: Sodom and Gomorrah & Time Warner
Guide to distinguishing Ice-T, Ice Cube, Just-Ice, Vanilla Ice, and Snow
Proposal to start Grand Old Posse, a family-oriented rap group
Reminder: True Romance, evil; True Lies, good
Directions to Bruce Willis’ barbecue
Guns & Ammo‘s E-mail address