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Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From the Memphis Mafia

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Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From the Memphis Mafia

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Lamar Fike, Marty Lacker, Alanna Nash, Billy Smith
Music, Biography

We gave it a B+

Alanna Nash, EW’s country-music reviewer (and biographer of Dolly Parton and TV journalist Jessica Savitch), spent five years recording the reminiscences of the three men who knew Elvis best: cousin Billy Smith, best-man Marty Lacker, and crew-member Lamar Fike. The result is 766 pages of intimate gossip (some amusing and some nasty), close-up gems, and stunning allegations: that Elvis coerced Priscilla into lesbian sex, that he shot an erotic film of her as well as of other women, and that he raped her — a claim the Memphis Mafia doubt (”Maybe she just thought it was rape,” Lamar said). The men come off sounding like Monday-morning drunks bragging about their weekend; they’re not exactly sure of all that went down but want to make darned sure you know they were there. Elvis Aaron Presley: Revelations From the Memphis Mafia is an essential addition to the Presley lexicon. It covers everything from the New Age groupie who tried to turn Elvis into a religious leader to the starstruck doctor who prescribed Elvis’ drugs to Elvis’ attempt to turn stoolie for the FBI. The men aren’t particularly deep, and they never quite get at what made Elvis great. But they sure show us what made him human. B+