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Strange reactions to ''Pulp Fiction'' stars

Strange reactions to ”Pulp Fiction” stars — At diners Tim Roth gets funny looks and beer while Eric Stoltz signs hypodermic needles

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Thanks to Pulp Fiction, many of its stars have been getting the royale treatment…not to mention some strange reactions. ”It’s almost impossible for me to go into a diner,” says Tim Roth, who tried to rob one in the movie. ”People look at me oddly. Then they send me a free beer to put me in a good mood.” Costar Eric Stoltz, who played Pulp‘s sleazy drug dealer, can go one better. While Stoltz was working on a recent episode of Mad About You, a show cameraman brought him a hypodermic needle to autograph. ”I thought this was sort of strange,” says Stoltz. ”Where do you autograph a hypodermic? Eventually, I signed it on the barrel.”