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Mail from our readers

Check out letters from those who agreed with us, and those who didn’t

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Silver Bullock
Sandra Bullock proved that what makes her talented is her ability to take a leading man like Bill Pullman and turn him into a sexy hunk. Teamed with the sexiest women in Hollywood, he’s never projected himself as sexy. With Sandra, all it took was a fully clothed hug and a smile. This is the sign of a truly great actress.
Mary Ann Bogumill
Mesa, Ariz.

Sandra Bullock is a true star inside and out. It’s no wonder someone so open and in touch with the real world can be such a hit! It shows on the big screen.
Michael W. Cambern
Maple Valley, Wash.

I can’t help noticing the way EW has portrayed some of its cover women. After Ellen DeGeneres several weeks ago and Sandra Bullock this week, I’m wondering why your otherwise stellar publication insists on taking lovely, intelligent women and making them look like drug-addicted prostitutes.
Linda Holmes
Beaverton, Ore.

‘NYPD’ Who?
Thank you for Ken Tucker’s review of Homicide. One gets tired of hearing about the overrated NYPD Blue when a show that is far more subtle and realistic sits neglected. If Dennis Franz’s one-note performance on NYPD Blue warrants an Emmy, Andre Braugher should get five.
Rob Mattheu
La Grange, Ky.

Gingerly Done
Your tribute to Ginger Rogers was much appreciated. Thanks to your article, people will remember her not only as a wonderful dancer but also as an incredible actress and human being.
Kacy O’Brien
Birmingham, Ala.

Vegas Cage
Doing publicity for Kiss of Death, I was asked tongue-in-cheek questions about Las Vegas. I feel my answers, as printed in News & Notes, were taken out of context. I’d like to say Las Vegas is one of my favorite places.
Nicholas Cage
Los Angeles

‘Gump’ on the Stump
Reading Glenn Kenny’s video review of Medium Cool and Forrest Gump, I felt he could’ve saved some ink by simply writing ”conservative bad, liberal good.” It’d make the same narrow-minded point.
Tyler L. Cox
Prattville, Ala.

Singin’ in the Brain
Bravo to ”She’s Got a Chicken to Ride.” I’m glad I’m not the only one who mishears lyrics to the point of absurdity.
Stephanie Held
Columbia, S.C.