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''Waterworld'' vs. ''Die Hard With a Vengeance''

”Waterworld” vs. ”Die Hard With a Vengeance” — Samuel L. Jackson tells us why he chose Bruce Willis over Kevin Costner

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His love of the links almost got Samuel L. Jackson in some hot water. Well, actually, in some hot Waterworld. Following his Oscar-nominated Pulp Fiction performance, Jackson had to choose between guns and gills for his next role — either this month’s Bruce Willis actioner Die Hard With a Vengeance or Kevin Costner’s ocean epic. ”I had selfish reasons for wanting to do Waterworld,” says Jackson. ”I just really wanted to go to Hawaii and play golf for three months.” Jackson finally chose the shorter, 16-week Die Hard shoot and inadvertently avoided the much-troubled aqua-adventure. ”I lucked out,” he says, adding that in the end he got to tee off anyway. ”We ended up shooting Die Hard in Charleston for two months,” says Jackson, ”and I played golf in golf heaven — South Carolina.”