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Inspired by Nicholas Cage in ''Kiss of Death''

Acronyms help stars including Meg Ryan, Sandra Bullock, and Bruce Willis visualize their goals

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For Nicolas Cage’s thoughtful mobster in Kiss of Death, B-A-D, the letters he uses to mark his territory, are more than bravado — they’re a self-help mantra. Cage’s asthmatic Little Junior wants to better himself, and as he earnestly explains to Jimmy Kilmartin, the wire-wearing ex-con played by David Caruso, B-A-D boils down his program: ”Balls. Attitude. Direction.” Then Little Junior offers this advice: ”You should get yourself an acronym. It helps you visualize your goals.” What a good idea.

We can see it all now:
David Caruso: B-I-G. Bochco Isn’t God.
Meg Ryan: L-E-G. Liberte. Egalite. Giggles.
Jean-Claude Van Damme: B-O-D. Brawn Over Diction.
Sharon Stone: I-C-E. Instill Crotch Envy.
Sandra Bullock: G-U-M. Girlish. Unpretentious. Millionairess.
Hugh Grant: T-E-A. Timing. Elocution. Apo-p-p-plexy.
Drew Barrymore: P-U-P. Piercing. Uhhhh…. Piercing.
Demi Moore: M-O-M. Made of Moolah.
Bruce Willis: D-A-D. Demi. Attitude. Direction.