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Movie Review: 'Destiny Turns On the Radio'

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Destiny Turns On the Radio

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Quentin Tarantino, Jim Belushi, James LeGros, Dylan McDermott, Nancy Travis
Jack Baran

We gave it a D+

The visual cues that signify retro hipness — wraparound sunglasses, red convertibles, gaudy Las Vegas — take the place of true style in this self-satisfied riff on pulp-fiction themes. And to ensure you get the point, Quentin Tarantino, the Pulp Fiction king, stars as Johnny Destiny, a suave, finger-snapping pseudo-deity. Mostly what Johnny does is appear at critical moments to remind the rest of the characters — including a smooth ex-con (Dylan McDermott), the torch singer he’s torching for (Nancy Travis), and the pal he left behind (James Le Gros), who’s obviously spent far too much time in the hot sun staring into empty swimming pools — that they live in a town of ”limitless possibilities.” Multiple options, however, are of little interest to the protagonists, who seem to do whatever they do (and do it with the same disengaged acting style) because … well, just because. This, friends, is not hipness; it’s ennui. D+