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Is there life after Trek? Don’t ask Walter (I’m not Chekov) Koenig or DeForest (My career’s dead, Jim) Kelley. Despite the universal popularity of all things Trek, rare is the actor who has warped to stardom after leaving the show. The appearance of former Star Trek: The Next Generation regular John de Lancie on the new series Legend (UPN, Tuesdays, 8-9 p.m.) made us wonder: How are the rest of the Next Gen exes faring? -Albert Kim, with reporting by Daneet Steffens PATRICK STEWART (Picard) What he’s doing: Recently finished filming the features Jeffrey, a gay love story to be released in August, and Let It Be Me, a romantic comedy about ballroom dancing. Also preparing to film The Canterville Ghost, an ABC-TV movie for next season. What’s Picard doing now? ”Jean-Luc Picard is a fictional character. He does not have an independent existence.”

BRENT SPINER (Data) What he’s doing: An international promotional tour for the film Star Trek Generations-and yet his publicist says, ”Brent is unavailable (to discuss this), as he is taking a breather from publicity.”

JONATHAN FRAKES (Riker) What he’s doing: Directed episodes of Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and University Hospital. Does the voice of the villain Xanatos on Gargoyles. What’s Riker doing now? ”I wish the show had gone on. It wouldn’t have mattered what Riker was up to. I mean, why did we stop?”

MICHAEL DORN (Worf) What he’s doing: Recently finished filming The Timemaster, a feature to be released in August; and an upcoming Showtime movie, Amanda and the Alien, with Nicole Eggert. Is there life after Trek? ”Oh, yeah. We have a / great following. Once you have that kind of juice behind you, you don’t lose that.”

GATES MCFADDEN (Beverly Crusher) What she’s doing: Costarring in UPN’s Marker, shooting on location in Hawaii. Do you keep in touch with the other cast members? ”Only the ones who sit around their house in their (Trek) uniform.”

LEVAR BURTON (La Forge) What he’s doing: Directed an episode of Voyager and will direct the independent film Stairway to Heaven, a romantic comedy. Hosts PBS’ Reading Rainbow. Will star in upcoming episodes of CBS’ Christy. Is there life after Trek? ”See, I had a life before Trek.”

MARINA SIRTIS (Troi) What she’s doing: We’re still trying to find out. According to her agent’s office, Sirtis has no projects currently scheduled. Also, they say she is taking a ”hiatus from her publicist.”

WIL WHEATON (Wesley Crusher) What he’s doing: Recently finished filming Mr. Stitch, a feature to be released this summer. Worked at NewTek, a computer company, in the computer-animation division. Is there life after Trek? ”You mean, will I be on Battle of the Network Stars? No. I don’t want to be that 16-year-old guy that everyone recognizes.”

JOHN DE LANCIE (Q) What he’s doing: Costarring in UPN’s Legend. What’s Q doing now? ”I have no idea. At conventions, people always ask me questions like ‘If Q met Godzilla, who’d win?’ It’s kind of like ‘If my aunt had balls, would she be my uncle?’ I don’t answer ‘if’ questions.”